Wireless Power

Get powered up with a beautifully designed, fast, safe and energy efficient wireless charger from Einova by Eggtronic. Our award-winning products feature unique, elegant designs, are made with premium materials and engineered to the highest standards. Einova wireless chargers are Qi-certified and universally compatible with wireless charging devices, including smartphones, tablets, Apple AirPods, iPhone Samsung Galaxy and more -­ if you’re not sure whether your smartphone features Qi wireless charging, check your smartphone compatibility here.

Dual Wireless Charging Stones

White Marble | Black Marble

119,00 £

Invisa-Qi Integrated Wireless Charger

Invisa-Qi | Invisa-Qi Pro

From: 59,99 £

Mundus UV

Small Size

99,90 £

Mundus UV Pro

Large Size

149,00 £

Valet Tray

Black | Graphite | Bronze | Gold

From: 89,90 £

Wireless Charging Stones

White Marble | Black Marble | Travertine | Lava

79,90 £

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