Eggtronic is now Einova: Big growth, big ideas, and big dreams need a new name. Welcome to EINOVA!

Mundus UV-C Pro Sanitizer

149,00 £

mundus uv-c pro sanitizer - discover more about the science

It’s accepted scientific knowledge that UV-C light is a reliable sanitizing method. There are many so-called UV devices out there that cite published scientific papers about the efficacy of UV-C light. But are the devices themselves effective, too? It's impossible to know - they aren't certified by authoritative bodies.

Power Bar

149,00 £

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Qi Wireless Charging Compatible Devices

Wireless Charging Stones

79,90 £

Empowered People,
Empowered Tech,
Empowered Planet.

Sirius 65W

99,90 £



These stones are so gorgeous that I imagine this is how rich people charge their phones.

The charger itself is a quick-charging Qi pad that delivers up to 10 watts, so fast-charging phones like the iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S20 can top off quickly. But that's not especially remarkable. The real appeal here is the finish of these Charging Stones. You get your choice of five styles: marble black, marble white, travertine, lava and sandstone. They're all real stone and look beautiful.

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Power electronics and wireless charging startup Eggtronic raises $10M Series A

Eggtronic, the Italy-founded startup developing power electronics, wireless charging and data over power technology and products, has closed around $10 million in Series A funding. Backing the company is Rinkelberg Capital — the investment fund from the founders of TomTom — and funds managed by an unnamed investment bank in Milan. It brings the total raised by Eggtronic since 2012 to $17 million.

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